As time progresses, our body gradually gets older and begins to weaken. The same applies for our eyes. Our vision is steadily changing as we age, and one of the most common of age-related eye conditions is presbyopia. 

It is estimated that over a billion people in the world currently suffer from presbyopia, making it an almost inevitable, natural change as we age. People with presbyopia often find themselves forced to hold reading materials like books or menus at arm’s reach to focus on them properly.

What Is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia occurs when the eye begins to thicken and harden, which leads to a loss of flexibility in the eye’s natural lens. Losing flexibility in the eye makes it much more difficult to focus on the things around you. Although presbyopia is a refractive error and not an eye disease, many people find that they require the use of reading glasses to see properly after hitting their forties or fifties.

Presbyopia can be treated and corrected in a variety of ways, with most people continuing to use corrective contact lenses or reading glasses. For those who want to live a clear lifestyle without the use of glasses or contacts, the ophthalmologists at Premium Eye Centers offer surgical options as well.

Presbyopia Treatment in Pembroke Pines

For those that suffer from presbyopia and don’t want to rely on eyeglasses and contacts, there are two popular procedures that are available. The first is called the KAMRA Inlay, which is a small and thin inlay that is placed into the first few layers of the cornea. The inlay is only placed into one eye, and the procedure is quite quick and easy. During the surgery, your eye doctor will ask you to lay down, and you’ll be given eye drops that numb your eyes. Once the eye drops have been administered, your doctor will use a laser that creates an incision in the eye, and will leave a spot to insert the KAMRA inlay and place it over your cornea. The procedure is fast and only takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. Recovery after the procedure is almost painless, and most people fully recover within a day or two.

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Another very popular treatment option for presbyopia is a procedure called Raindrop. Much like the KAMRA Inlay, Raindrop treats presbyopia, but in a much less invasive way. Raindrop takes just 10 minutes to insert into the eye, and will usually be placed into the non-dominant eye. This procedure allows the cornea to be reshaped, resulting in better vision and focus. Raindrop is composed of 80% water, making it a truly natural inlay to place into the eye. Recovery is short and most patients find themselves able to get back to their day to day activities 24-48 hours after surgery. With Raindrop, patients are often able to notice a difference in their vision almost immediately.

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If you suffer from presbyopia and are looking for answers in the Miami area, contact Premium Eye Centers to schedule an appointment with Dr. Preschel - your leading Pembroke Pines ophthalmologist!