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Find out what patients have to say about South Florida top eye surgeon, Dr. Nelson Preschel

As a leading LASIK eye surgeon, he has dedicated his entire career to enhancing patient care through comprehensive, quality eye treatment services. This has allowed him to help hundreds of thousands of glaucoma patients achieve better vision by performing life-changing eye surgeries and administering sophisticated treatments.

He is highly respected among patients and peers alike. Please read the testimonials below to find out what patients are saying about Dr. Preschel.

“I travelled from Fort Lauderdale all the way to Coral Gables to obtain the best professional care for my eyes, which are essential for my pediatric medicine practice. Dr. Nelson Preschel treated me so warmly and with such respect, and this was matched by his service minded office staff. No more cataracts; back to eagle-eye Tanis.”

- Arnold L. Tanis, M.D., F.A.A.P.

“After going to another ophthalmologist who botched the cataract surgery on my right eye resulting in almost total loss of vision, I went to Dr. Preschel for the cataract surgery on my left eye. He performed it flawlessly and gave me back my eyesight and my life. I recommend him very highly for his surgical ability, his knowledge and his professionalism.”

- Joseph Levy, M.D.

“Being a health professional I take a proactive and informed approach to my well-being. After fifteen years of wearing glasses and contact lenses, I was fortunate to have LASIK surgery done by Dr. Preschel. He was highly recommended by a colleague and I could not be more pleased with my results. I am still amazed at how such a simple, painless procedure can produce crystal clear vision. I had thought about LASIK in the past but was too scared to have it done. Now, I regret not having it done sooner. I want to thank Dr. Preschel for his support and impeccable professionalism. He made me feel comfortable every step of the way. Beginning with my consultation where he showed that every provision had been taken to insure that I was a sound candidate for the surgery. He fostered a feeling of safety and exhibited a high degree of experience. I must commend Dr. Preschel and his staff for being true professionals at answering my questions, erasing any reservations I may have had about the procedure, and treating me with the highest quality of care. I continue to recommend Dr. Preschel to my friends and family that are contemplating LASIK surgery.”

- Ligming Delgado, D.M.D

“When a cataract surgeon must choose a cataract surgeon to operate on his own eyes, it is a difficult and careful decision. Among the cataract surgeons in South Florida, there are quite a few who possess excellent clinical judgment and have excellent surgical skills. From this elite group, I chose Nelson Preschel, M.D. to remove cataracts from both of my eyes. His attention to detail was impressive, my post-operative course was smooth, and my surgical outcome is remarkably good. I can recommend Nelson Preschel, M.D. as a cataract surgeon without reservation.”

- Lee Duffner MD, FACS

“As an ophthalmologist, I know that some of my colleagues are excellent and some are just ‘OK.’ As a matter of courtesy I say nothing when asked about the virtues of the ‘OK’ ones. On the other hand, when asked about an excellent colleague I do have something to say. So here’s a story about Dr. Preschel… My sister suffers from a degenerative retina disease that robs her of peripheral vision and, as further insult, caused a cataract that exacerbated her problems with glare and impaired her central vision. Fortunately, she lives in south Florida where I just happen to know a committed, compassionate and outstanding cataract surgeon – Dr. Nelson Preschel. Nelson was one year ahead of me in training at New York Eye and Ear, so I had the opportunity to watch him operate and to hear from our professors that he was special; even as a doctor-in-training Nelson had poise and fantastic hands in the operating room. In the clinic, he was a passionate advocate for his patients and always went the extra mile to ensure that things were done properly. So, when my sister’s cataracts were impairing her vision to the point that she couldn’t do everything she wanted, it was a no-brainer as to whom she should see. Dr. Preschel treated her with kindness and respect and her surgical outcome was excellent. While she still has impaired vision from the retina disease, her cataract surgery allows her to maximally use the vision she does have. Dr. Preschel listened to her and understood her lifestyle when selecting the appropriate intraocular lens and he performed flawless surgery. I also knew that if a problem arose, he would handle it perfectly; he is a perfectionist. Bottom line on Dr. Preschel: you don’t have to know him personally or have trained with him in order for Dr. Preschel to care and do a great job; he is a good man and an outstanding surgeon.”

- Eric Lichtenstein, M.D.

Dr. Preschel is a compassionate eye surgeon who has undergone years of training to be able to help each patient improve their vision abilities or overcome the serious effects of an age-related eye disease, including the clouding of the eye’s natural lens (cataract). He is recognized as one of the most talented eye surgeons who has helped numerous Fort Lauderdale cataracts patients achieve improved vision through the use of intraocular lens implants. Dr. Nelson is a well known South Florida premium IOLs specialist.