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Premium Eye Centers provide only the best premium IOLs for patients in the Miami area. Dr. Nelson Preschel is a leading eye surgeon who offers his patients many options when it comes to cataract surgery lenses. Premium intraocular lens implants (IOLs) can be used to improve a patient’s vision following cataract surgery.

During the procedure, the eye’s natural lens is removed and replaced with an artificial implant. There are several different types of Premium IOLs, each for specific types of cataract patients.

He offers the most sophisticated IOLs, including AcrySof ReSTOR, Tecnis Multifocal and the accommodating Crystalens.

About Intraocular Lens Implants / Your IOL Options

Dr. Preschel strongly believes that not everyone is a candidate for any particular IOL and that it is his role and responsibility to help each patient select the appropriate device. Also, some patients may require a combined approach that includes an IOL and keratorefractive surgery in order to optimize the end result. Utilizing a wide range of high-quality intraocular lens, Dr. Preschel has the ability to customize each patient’s cataract treatment to suit his or her visual needs. The advanced IOLs can provide a full range of vision at most or all distances and can be either single-vision (monofocal) or multifocal lenses.

AcrySof ReSTOR and Toric IOLs

The AcrySof ReSTOR multifocal lens is uniquely engineered to provide multiple focus points. Using the Balanced View Optics Technology, it often allows the patient to achieve improved vision both near and far. Unlike traditional lens implants used during cataract surgery, which improve vision only near or far, ReSTOR is much more versatile and often patients who choose this type of implant only occasionally need to wear glasses. The AcrySof Toric IOL is an astigmatism-correcting lens implant that also helps restore distance vision. However, patients who receive either standard monofocal or Toric lenses may require reading glasses.


Crystalens is a single-focus accommodating lens implant that was specifically developed to address the loss of intermediate and near focusing ability. It is often used for treatment of presbyopia. However, this highly sophisticated lens implant can also be used as a replacement during cataract surgery. Unlike other lens implants, Crystalens is composed of unique hinges, which allow the lens to move with the eye, and thereby enhance the patient’s ability to focus on objects at most distances seamlessly. Dr. Preschel will take precise measurements of your eye to ensure the correct lens power selection that will best serve your vision correction needs.

AMO Tecnis IOL

The Tecnis Multifocal is often used for patients who have a need to achieve improved near vision. However, during clinical trials, it has been proven to provide good intermediate and distance vision as well. As a result, patients who receive Tecnis Multifocal experience excellent near vision and only occasionally may need corrective eye wear for distance vision.

More About Premium IOLs

In some cases, Dr. Preschel may advise mono vision IOLs, in which one eye is adjusted for near sight and the other for far sight. Intraocular Lens may also be used in some patients without cataracts, to treat myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and presbyopia, an age-related condition in which the patient loses the ability to focus on close objects. He is known for his expertise in utilizing premium IOLs to produce remarkable post surgical vision correction results for all his Miami cataract patients.

To learn more about your vision correction options with IOLs, please schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Preschel, a top vision correction surgeon in South Florida.

Additional Vision Correction Procedures Performed by Dr. Preschel

As a renowned, fellowship-trained eye surgeon, Dr. Preschel provides a full spectrum of eye care services to all of his patients and is known as one of the most successful surgery specialists. This is why patients from Miami and the surrounding area visit him for all their vision correction needs, where they know they will receive quality patient care and superior laser vision correction results. In addition, Dr. Preschel is also a renowned glaucoma treatment specialist who utilizes the latest and most effective procedures to treat this serious eye disease.