Dry Eye/Pterygium

Dry Eye Treatment Miami

What is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is a common eye condition that affects millions of people per year.  In an increasingly technological world, more and more people find themselves suffering from the symptoms of dry eye. 

Dry eye is caused by a group of diseases that affect the tear film. The tear film is a layer of fluid that exists to cover and protect the eye, which is continuously being produced. When patients have dry eye, the tear film may dry up, causing extreme discomfort. Dry eye can surface as dry, itchy, scratchy eyes, excessive tearing, or irregular tearing, depending on the severity that a patient is suffering.

Dry eye can be frustrating to deal with. However, patients in Southern Florida can find relief from their symptoms with unique, personalized treatment thanks to the experienced ophthalmologists at Premium Eye Centers.

Dry Eye Treatment Options

There are a variety of treatment options that are available to those in the Miami area who suffer from dry eye. Some of the options include permanent or temporary punctal plugs, also known as a tear duct plug. Other options include artificial eye drops and Restasis, depending on what is the best fit for a patient. Your consultation with Dr. Preschel will help him determine exactly what treatment is most suitable for you.

Permanent punctal plugs involve having plugs inserted into the tear ducts to control tear production and evaporation. This is a permanent solution, and has been found to be an effective way to control the amount of moisture that stays in the eyes. For those that are looking for a less permanent option, there are also temporary punctal plugs available. The temporary plugs function the same way that the permanent ones do, but they dissolve after 3 months. After the plugs have dissolved, patients may find that their dry eye symptoms return, so it is not a permanent solution for treatment.

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Restasis is a common treatment option that helps many people who suffer from dry eye. It is a prescription medication that helps eyes produce more of their own tears when they cannot. The drops are administered into each eye every 12 hours to effectively get rid of common dry eye symptoms like itchiness and redness. Restasis is generally prescribed to those that are suffering from severe symptoms of dry eye that affect their everyday life.


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Pterygium, also commonly known as Surfer’s Eye, is a small bump that forms on the eyeball and can eventually move its way onto the cornea. This condition is normally caused by excessive sun exposure or dry eye. 

These growths are benign and non-cancerous, but they can cause damage to existing vision if left untreated. Pterygium usually develops in people around the ages of 30-50 years old. Those that have pterygium will claim that it feels like their eye is gritty or that there is something in the eye, known as foreign body sensation. 

Once a pterygium has been diagnosed, treatment depends on the severity of the growth. If the pterygium is small and not obstructing vision, Dr. Preschel may decide to prescribe mild steroid eye drops or lubricants to help reduce the amount of swelling and redness.

For more serious cases, excision or surgery may be required. Surgery to remove a pterygium is short, and can be performed in a doctor’s office, or in an operating room. Once the excision is finished, the patient is required to wear an eye patch and keep the surgical site covered. After recovery, patients are able to return to their regular daily activities without the uncomfortable symptoms of Surfer’s Eye.

To learn more about dry eye and pterygium treatment in Pembroke Pines and Southern Florida, schedule a consultation with Dr. Preschel! Our knowledgeable staff and ophthalmologists will provide you with excellent care and dedication every step of the way, from your initial visit to post-surgery. Trust the eye doctors at Premium Eye Centers for the highest-quality dry eye treatment in Pembroke Pines.